About the content of my paintings: 

In my work I traverse open wilderness and the constrained urban landscape. I cover thousands of miles on foot and visit it again in my studio. My work is a personal essentializing of my minds movement through these spaces. I internalize aspects of our planets biological and geological essence, which finds expression on paper and fabric bound to canvas and birch panels.

The ecology of water and soil serve as the actual and metaphorical ground upon which I explore the concept of the fluid and grounded self. With brushstrokes at once focused and free I aim to capture the delicate homeeostasis between our own humanity and our environment. I utilize materials that serve to naturally bleed and to blur boundaries, symbolizing the fact of fluidity and interdependence in all ecological systems.

I describe spaces where diverse identities exist as autonomous agents while also recognizing their interaction with one another and the field in which they all must exist. I love the marks that I make, and provide them the time and space to unravel naturally. It is my intention to reflect the inherent beauty and vulnerability of our world with this work.


My artistic journey is intertwined with the rhythm of my footsteps. Whether it's months spent trekking through the wilderness or meandering through urban landscapes, I find inspiration in the act of walking. In the midst of nature, I pause to capture its essence through drawing and painting. Back in my Vallejo, California studio, I delve into the internal connections forged during my time in challenging terrains.

Located at the crossroads of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, Napa River, Mare Island, and a ferry ride away from San Francisco, my studio serves as a haven for delving deeper into the process of my mark-making. For over fifteen years, I've had the privilege of teaching painting, printmaking, and color at Solano College, an experience that continues to enrich my artistic journey through the insights of my students.

As I embrace the year 2023, I'm excited to complete my designated studio space, an endeavor that will allow me to further explore my artistic depths. Beyond being an artist, I am a mother, a long-distance hiker, and someone who is passionate about the power of self-expression. Water, for me, is both a medium of transformation and a symbol of change, reflecting my commitment to feminist perspectives and my engagement with pressing issues like climate change and the ever-evolving concept of gender identity.

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